Our semi-custom collection, inspired by our travels to France, is for couples who are looking for thoughtfully created pieces and elements that align with their wedding vision without the extensive custom process attached. 

Semi-Custom Wedding Suites

i. La Rose Suite   ⟶

For the classic and elegant bride, inspired by the elegance of Paris.

ii. Les Feuilles de Laurier   ⟶

Simple, organic greenery for the minimalistic bride. 

iii. Les Pavots  ⟶

Inspired by the feminine, bright, and sweet, poppies that bloom in Provence during the spring. 

iv. Le Sceau Royal   ⟶

Inspired by centuries-old, European crests, this royal crest combine greenery with tradition. 

v. Le Lieu   ⟶

Custom drawing of your wedding venue placed on your invitation and the back of your reply card. 

vi. Les Sceau Royal II   ⟶

Greenery, a crown, and roses adorn our second royal crest.

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How to Order

01. Select the suite that aligns with the vision of your wedding. Use our Collection Guide to choose colors, paper, and printing methods. If you do not find what you are looking for, do get in touch via our Contact Page.
02. Choose your embellishments to add on with your suite, such as ribbon, envelope liners, vintage stamps, envelope addressing, vellum, etc. We have created a very detailed Collection Guide to make navigating and choosing the right invitation and embellishments for your special day easier.

03. After you’ve placed your order, we’ll reach out in three business days to provide more information and to clear up any loose ends. Please allow 6-8 weeks for the semi-custom design experience. Feel free to get in touch sooner if you have any questions about our stationery and/or process. 

Whilst this is a semi-custom experience, we still offer customization of paper types, printing methods, and embellishments— such as ribbons, vintage stamps, addressing, envelope liners, and wax seals— that match your wedding colors and aesthetic. 

our semi-custom wedding suites

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Please fill in the order form with your selections and we will be in touch soon.

We can't wait to work with you on your semi-custom suite!

Order Form

How to Order

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens after I place my order?
A: After ordering, we’ll be in touch in 3 business days to confirm your details. You’ll be able to receive your proof in seven business days. Please make sure you double check names, dates, venues, and spellings. Once confirmed, signed, and sent off to print, we can no longer make revisions. 
Q: What color options do I have?
A: We have a large range of colors you can choose from to match your wedding style in our collection guide. 
Q: How many quantities may I order?
A: We can print up to 400 suites for each household. Usually, the minimum we can print is 20, however we recommend ordering more for “just in case” scenarios. 
Q: Am I able to receive a proof before my suite is sent off to print?
A: Absolutely! You will proof with one round of revisions, should you need to make any adjustments. Any additional revisions will incur a fee. 

Q: What are my paper options? 
A: We offer three options: a 110lb cardstock, 220lb cardstock, and handmade paper. More information about these can be found in our collection guide, which is here. 
Q: What are the printing options available?
A; We offer digital, letterpress, foil, and embossing. You can learn more about them all in our guide. 
Q: Can I change the font and/or calligraphy?
We offer a select group of fonts to choose from that will fit best with your celebration. Our calligraphy is handmade, with only one style. 
Feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions using the contact page or directly email me: contact@blanchefleur.co

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